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Program and/or Extension Function
Encapsulated PostScript
Specific Notes
There are two distinct types of .EPs files, one of which is a vector based graphics file and can be opened and easily edited for type, color, etc. in Adobe Illustrator or PC vector based programs like Corel Draw. They can be CMYK color, or flat pantone color based. These files could be "placed' or "imported" into Pagemaker (or Word, Quark, etc.), but not opened by it. They can be almost infinitely scaled in size without degrading the output because they are vector based. The other is an .EPS photo file, flattened, set resolution "picture" type file. It can be opened in PhotoShop or other image editing programs, also placed or imported into Pagemaker (or Word, Quark, etc.), but it will be significantly degraded if scaled beyond the set resolution. These are usually CMYK files, or can be set as Pantone duo-tone, tri-tone files.
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General Notes
Various programs use this extension; too many to list individually. Take clues from the location of the file as a possible pointer to exactly which program is producing the file. The file's date and time can also help if you know which programs you were running when the file was written.

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