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Engineering and Product Management
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The Engineering Department serves as the link between a customer's preliminary sign idea and the finished product. Working closely with the design department we help with the technical side of sign construction. From the choice of substrates and materials, new techniques in fabrication and structural details, the engineering department ensures that our signs not only look professional but are structurally sound. We work with a network of licensed civil engineers when necessary to design footing and sign supports structures. We provide mounting details and make sure our designs meet UL standards. This attention to detail allows our estimating department to be more accurate when quoting your project. The Project Management Department works with a national network of sign professionals to install and service signs across the nation. Our project management representative works closely with these professionals to maintain the level of service you demand. Contact our representative to arrange installations, surveys and service on your next project.

" Why does a sign need to be Engineered? " Structural engineers use their training in physics and mathematics to calculate the various forces that a sign structure must withstand. Engineers refer to The Uniform Building Code (UBC) to guide them in applying the required formulas to our sign designs. We work closely with the engineers to aid them in designing a structure that is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The conditions that effect a sign structure vary constantly due to the effects of the weather on the sign. The effect of the wind is calculated into the design as well as considerations made for the type of soil where the sign is installed. Remember, sign engineering is a combination of calculations, drafting and practical experience in the manufacture of electrical signs. Sign Designs, Inc. has the practical experience and a network of licensed structural engineers to handle your next sign project.

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